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Basic Information

Opened: August 17, 2007
Domain: GoDaddy
Host: Ultra Hosting


As dorky and unusual as it sounds, my first design "business" started on the message boards. I used to play games on there all the time when I was about ten years old, and one day I found myself wander to the boards. Since images weren't allowed, members created these incredibly tacky "siggies" involving a million marquees, huge borders, filters, glows, and dropshadows. At the time I thought they were just the hottest things since sliced bread, so I taught myself how to make them. I then entered contests, took requests, all that jazz.

About a year or so later, my brother introduced me to Xanga. I became extremely fascinated with editting my page, but I was never 100% satisfied with the layouts I picked. I used the little knowledge of HTML that I obtained from making siggies to try and edit them. Eventually, I learned enough about making layouts to start my own site. My first was Scrumtrilescent_layouts. I had it for about a year then realized how ugly my layouts looked, so I opened up MYSTICALxLAYOUTS. That was probably my most successful Xanga site, but I gave up after a year or so to work on various icon, graphic, and photography sites. I finally decided to go back to making layouts and opened trapeze. Trapeze was a lot of fun, but Xanga was starting die out. That's when I made the big switch to Myspace.

In late February of 2007, I opened Schizo on Myspace. My first month was a disaster. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. People were asking me to do this foreign thing known as "s4s" and the codes for standards confused me. I finally was able to put together my first div. I was pretty proud of it, so I thought I would give submitting to Createblog a shot. That's when the friend requests started pouring in. I ended up with around 20,000 friends by July. My dad then encouraged me to get my own domain, and that's when was born.

There really is no meaning to the name of this website. I spent days trying to come up with something clever and catchy without any luck. I even resorted to flipping through dictionaries and thesauruses in hopes of finding interesting words I could use. At first I liked the name I chose, but I started to dislike it about a month into having it. I still hate it to this day, but changing it would mean more work that I don't need.