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I’ve been a lean, mean, theme-making machine lately. I have three more for everyone.

Of course, I finally start college in less than two weeks, so my theme streak will probably end there. Oh well. I’ll just have to try to make as many as possible before then!

Four New Themes (I kid you not)

Okay, so technically I only made two new themes, but each one comes in two different color schemes. Even though they’re all fully customizable, I understand that some people want themes that are complete and ready for action.

In addition to those three, I made another with a gif I made of Ryuk from Death Note. I finally taught myself how to make gifs, so I opened a gym website in addition to my main blog. I will probably be making more themes with some sort of, well, theme in the future. I’ll be doing quite a few anime ones now that I have a specific blog to showcase them on, but I won’t limit myself to that.

If you have any suggestions for what I should include in my next themes, let me know!

New Tumblr Theme: MALnourished

Yesterday I put together a couple styles for my My Anime List pages. I was going to put the codes up for others to use, but it didn’t take long for me to realize my audience would be pretty limited. The designs were too pretty to go to waste, so I converted one for Tumblr.

This theme is highly customizable. The colors, background, and font can all be changed to suit your taste. You can also add and remove the main link in the navigation, choose whether or not to display your profile photo, and enable infinite scrolling.